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Evio’s Origins

In 2019, a group of five amazing health plans that in total serve more than 20 million members recognized that despite the miracles that medications can deliver every day, how medications get to patients is in need of reform. Rapidly rising costs and inefficient system complexities have proven detrimental to patients and the industry alike. Each company made a significant investment to establish Evio as the independent entity to lead this transformation.

We are incredibly grateful to be working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Shield of California, Highmark Inc., and Independence Blue Cross to achieve our mission. Initially, Evio will offer services to each of the five investor health plans to complement other innovative medication services the health plans offer.


[eh·vio] The root ev- is derived from the importance of evidence based decision making, evolution of the model, and our emphasis on better care for everyone; “vio” means “to go somewhere,” which is also represented by the forward arrow in our logo. The active, energetic connotations and human elements of our name give meaning to our company’s vision and approach.

How We’re Unique

Unlike nearly any other startup, we start on day one with the opportunity to serve more than 20 million of our customers’ members—nearly all of whom will take medications for anything from a migraine to cancer treatment at some point. This enables a different level of data and resources— and a higher bar to get it right. We are structured to be independent to find the best answer for everyone. We think long term and transformationally and are building our team, vision, and solutions as such.


Connecting innovation across the value chain is key to achieving the lofty goals of reimagining the healthcare system. We do not believe we have to build everything ourselves. We are excited to connect with a passionate community of innovators who are doing amazing things for patients through data analysis and tools, evidence-based decision-making, transparency, supply chain optimization, medication production, and anyone who is innovating to improve the medication experience.

Our Team

Our quickly growing team has a wide variety of healthcare backgrounds — in pharmacy and other specialties, value based care, clinical, growth, strategy, operations, and analytics. We each bring unique, highly personal healthcare experiences that contribute to our shared passion for transformation. Our goal is to ultimately build a better pharmacy experience for everyone.

Hank Schlissberg
President and CEO

Hank brings 20 years of health care innovation, growth, and operations experience to Evio across consulting, provider and technology. He’s excited and proud to help launch Evio because of the impact he knows we can have on something that touches everyone, including his own family. When he’s not slacking the team with new ideas to challenge the current state, you’ll find him at one of his 3 girls’ softball, swimming, soccer, or basketball games, or practicing with them in the backyard.

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Helen Sherman
Chief Transformation Officer

Helen comes to Evio with over 20 years of health care leadership and consulting experience in pharmacy value chain innovation and financing, focused on advancing the most effective use of medications. She is proud to launch Evio because we're aligning pharmaceutical innovations with individualized medication therapy strategies. When she’s not designing unique methods to get the right medications to patients, you’ll find her open water swimming, running, biking, hiking, or skiing.

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Lynn Nishida
Head of Clinical Operations

Lynn brings over 25 years of creating and implementing healthcare strategies backed by robust science for informed, transparent healthcare decision-making. She’s proud to help launch Evio because of our undying commitment to deliver “out-of-the-box” solutions to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and easier for everyone. When she’s not scoping out the latest medication pipeline for new areas of opportunity, you’ll find her playing a round of golf (in the sand traps) with her husband and son.  

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Aaron Pence
Head of Actuarial and Analytics

Aaron comes to Evio with over 15 years of risk consulting experience largely focused on health plan strategy and risk transfer as a credentialed actuary. He is excited to help launch Evio because the pharmacy segment of the US healthcare system has significant transformational opportunity. When he’s not grinding out insights on health risk, you'll find him embracing the girl-dad life (professional curly hair styler!), scaling a mountain in Colorado, or relaxing with his wife.

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Matt Lunde
Head of Pharmacy Networks

Matt brings over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles in healthcare operations and managed care. He is proud to help launch Evio because he believes the best version of the pharmacy supply chain has not yet been realized, and that Evio is in a position to have a real impact. When he is not creating network and distribution solutions, you’ll find him spending time with family and friends, and traveling as much as possible.

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Charles Lau
Head of Technology

Charles comes to Evio with over 20 years of software development, architecture, and implementation experience — primarily focused on healthcare technology and leadership. He’s proud to help launch Evio because improving patient lives through technology and innovation is one of the most rewarding challenges. When he’s not researching new technologies you will find him camping, four wheeling or just spending a relaxing day in the back yard with his dogs.

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George Keefe
Head of Pharmaceutical Partnerships

George comes to Evio with over 25 years of pharmaceutical experience in the areas of market access, drug commercialization, government affairs, and payer collaboration. He is excited to join the dynamic Evio team in improving healthcare. When he is not working with manufacturers on innovative and patient-centric partnerships, you can find him spending time with his wife, riding his bike or playing a game of basketball, pickleball or cornhole.

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Anna Armstrong
Chief of Staff

Anna comes to Evio with a background in health care strategy, content creation, and entrepreneurship.  She’s proud to help launch Evio because we’re building a company that will transform people’s frustrating everyday health care experiences. When she’s not acting as the team’s air traffic controller and behind-the-scenes problem solver, you’ll find her exploring the mountains of Colorado with her husband and daughter or enjoying a cup of coffee in a new city.

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Jeff Williams
Head of Legal and Compliance

Jeff comes to Evio with fifteen years of experience providing legal and regulatory guidance to companies in the healthcare, insurance, and financial sectors. He is excited to help launch Evio because of the opportunity to transform an enormous part of the healthcare system that currently doesn’t work for most people. When he’s not staying on top of the fluid healthcare regulatory landscape, you’ll find him skiing with his family, cheering for the Colorado Avalanche, or reading about space and science with his preschooler.

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Matt Hinchey
Head of Strategy

Matt comes to Evio with over ten years of strategy experience from across healthcare, including employers, health plans, and venture-backed startups. He is proud to help launch Evio because we consistently question the status quo and seek to elevate the expectation patients have of their pharmacy journey. When he’s not reading about emerging pharma trends or modeling the next opportunity, you’ll find him at a new restaurant with his wife, golfing (poorly), or hanging at the park with his dog.

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Chris England
Head of Growth

Chris comes to Evio with ten years of experience in pharmacy value chain, business development and strategy. He is proud to help launch Evio because of the team’s conviction to create an easier and more transparent healthcare experience. When he is not building relationships, you’ll find him running around the park with his wife and sons, playing basketball, or walking his dog.

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Michael Taylor
Partnership Development

Michael brings a track record of providing leadership to strategic growth and operational restructuring initiatives across the healthcare industry. He’s proud to help launch Evio because of the new company’s incredible spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration. When he’s not looking for partners to help Evio change the world, you’ll find him and his dog Sugar taking walks along Lake Michigan and listening to a podcast rotation of wellness and nutrition, astrophysics, and international espionage.

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Kyle Wright
Analytics Engineer

Kyle comes to Evio with a background in health care data and analytics. He is proud to help launch Evio because he believes we have the opportunity to bend the health care cost curve and improve the patient experience through our innovation. When he is not diving into the data, you’ll find him at a stadium rooting for his favorite Atlanta teams or hanging out at the park with friends. 

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Eric Darling
Real World Evidence Analytic Specialist

Eric comes to Evio with a background in Finance, Analytics and Health Outcomes research. He is excited to help launch Evio because of his firm belief that combining data with innovation has the power transform the Pharmacy experience for everyone involved. When he is not developing clinical analytics and evaluations, you'll find him running with his daughters, mountain biking,
any type of skiing(cross-country, downhill, water) or playing hockey.

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Justin Barber
Pharmacy Data Lead

Justin comes to Evio with a background in pharmacy finance, strategy, and data analytics. He is proud to help launch Evio because he believes disrupting the status quo will lead to better outcomes and affordability for patients. When he’s not using data to answer difficult questions, you can find him enjoying the outdoors with his family, rock climbing, or mountain biking.

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Aidan Brown
Clinical Programs and Account Manager

Aidan joins Evio with a background in managed care pharmacy and drug pricing. He is proud to help launch Evio because he believes that the true value of the pharmacy supply chain can be realized by coordinating care and using alternative approaches to make medications available to patients. When he is not working, you’ll find him spending time with his family and friends, watching sports and being outdoors as much as possible.

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Stephen Kelly
Product and Strategy Manager

Stephen comes to Evio with a background in life sciences and health care strategy and operations. He's proud to help launch Evio because he's seen firsthand how broken the current pharmacy system is, and believes Evio has a unique opportunity to create lasting change. When he's not identifying new opportunities for growth or iterating on product roadmaps, you'll find him exploring the streets of NYC or cheering on his hometown New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

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Board of Directors

Deborah Rice-Johnson

Deborah Rice-Johnson, president of Highmark Inc. and chief growth officer of Highmark Health, serves as Evio's chairperson. Deborah is driven by a passion for reinventing health care experiences and pioneering provider relationships to keep care close to home and change antiquated reimbursement methods. She brings more than 30 years of leadership in the health insurance industry, and has led alliances that have helped make care more affordable, create healthier outcomes, and grow the health insurance organization’s influence.

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Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is executive vice president, chief financial officer, and treasurer at Independence Health Group. In this role, Juan is responsible for all financial functions for Independence Blue Cross and other subsidiaries. He also plays a key role in strategic planning for the organization. Additionally he actively supports the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Juan has more than 30 years of experience in finance, accounting, and audit. He is an active member on the Board of several organizations in the Philadelphia area.

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Lynda Rossi

Lynda Rossi, executive vice president of Strategy, Innovation and Public Affairs at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, serves as the company's senior management lead — shaping BCBSM’s enterprise strategy and innovation agenda.  Under Lynda’s leadership, BCBSM has entered new markets, expanded lines of business, and acquired key assets to further the organization’s long-term strategy. She continues to focus her efforts on creating strategic partnerships both within and outside of the Blues System.

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Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch, chief operating officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, brings over 30 years of health plan leadership to Evio’s board. As a leader in the healthcare industry his passion lies in the humanity of healthcare and improving the quality of healthcare delivery.He has held leadership roles across a variety of health insurance plans and has a clinical background as an intensive care unit nurse. Rich is also an adjunct professor for health policy at Northeastern University.

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Sandra Clarke

Sandra Clarke, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Blue Shield of California, serves as Evio’s board chairperson. Sandra brings a passion for transforming member experience while reducing costs and developing strategies to change health care. She has a rich background with over 25 years as a leader in global business. She has held finance roles in a variety of critical industries such as technology and pharmaceuticals, alongside her valued roles on multiple boards for innovative ventures.

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Hank Schlissberg

As President and CEO of Evio, Hank is an ex-officio Evio board member. He brings 20 years of health care innovation, growth, and operations experience to Evio across consulting, provider and technology. Over his healthcare career, Hank was a partner in McKinsey’s payor and provider practice, chief growth officer of a technology-based innovator in the radiology space, and a 7-year executive at DaVita across multiple entrepreneurial and operational roles all centered around value-based care.

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The people our business serves always come first. We put ourselves in the shoes of the patients, clinicians, and stakeholders our solutions benefit.


We’re committed to fostering a culture where everyone belongs and is valued for their background, experience and insights – one that encourages diversity of ideas, and is a nurturing, trusting, and accepting place for all.


We’re flexible, thrive in ambiguity, fail fast, and pivot quickly to get to a better answer. We celebrate wins and pivots with equal intensity.


Guided by evidence and data, we are creative, curious, and unwavering in our pursuit of challenging the status quo and each other.


Just as we seek to bring transparency to the pharmacy supply chain, authenticity and integrity are core to the way we communicate.


We strive to raise the bar in all we do by hiring and developing exceptional talent and holding ourselves and our thinking to the highest standard.


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